How long will it take?

We are currently using our lab at the head office in the UK for our glazing, the quality and accuracy of the finished product can be monitored more accurately this way. This may increase the turn-around time by around 7 days.

For most stock Single Vision lenses,

  • We order the lenses when you place your order on-line.
  • Your lenses will arrive at our lab within 3 working days while you send your frames to us.
  • When we receive your frames we aim to glaze within 2 days and send back out.
  • So the turn-around-time is very similar to traditional high street opticians.


For special lenses like, Progressive and Bifocals, 

  • We don't order the lenses until we receive your frame and prescription at the lab.
  • The lenses are then ordered.
  • The lenses arrive back with us after around 5-10 working days.
  • We glaze the glasses the day the lenses arrive with us.
  • So the turn-around-time is normally around 3 weeks.