How long will it take?

For most stock Single Vision lenses,

  • We order the lenses when you place your order on-line.
  • Your lenses will arrive at our lab with 3 working days while you send your glasses to us.
  • When we receive your frames we aim to glaze within two days and send back out.
  • So the turn-around-time is very similar to traditional high street Opticians.


For special lenses like, Progressive and Bifocals, 

  • We don't order the lenses until we receive your frame and prescription at the lab.
  • The lenses are then ordered.
  • The lenses arrive back with us after around 5-10 working days.
  • We glaze the glasses often the same day the lenses arrive with us.
  • So the turn-around-time is normally around 2 weeks.