All spectacle wearers should consider the REGLAZE.

Who should reglaze?


Reglazing has been around in optics for years and years. Previously reglazing was frowned upon in practice, 'why would you want to keep your old frame when you can buy a new one!'  The prices of the frames were structured to make the decision even easier! I know, I was a Director with Specsavers for nearly 20 years!

The Internet really has changed everything. Now a reglaze is not just for those that have an old or existing frame, more than 50% that use us reglaze a new frame that they have bought.

We are always happy to reglaze existing frames, but the pattern is changing.

Customers now use the high street to try/sample the frames they want, take details of the frame they like, then buy the very same frame on-line. They then use us to reglaze their new frames with new lenses of their choice. No big sell or pressure to buy, just the choices they make! 

The saving to be had using the process are huge! Saving of hundreds of pounds are not unusual.

So what are the risks? The honest answer, really very few.

The wrong frame choice, this could happen in store too!

The wrong lens choice? We have fully trained staff that can advise, but if you make the wrong choice we will change it for you anyway!

We make a mistake with the manufacture of the lenses? This happens rarely, but we will always put it right!

The most common issue? Wrong prescription issued by the Optician!! Yes, this is the most common issue! When this happens we will still replace the lenses even though it's not our fault!

So if you use the reglaze service as it was designed and how it's changed, you can use it for new lenses into existing frame you really like, new lenses into new frames you've bought, new lenses into sunglasses that have become scratched or damaged. 

10 years reglazing online and still going strong (99% satisfaction, Feefo)!

Phil (Director/Optician)