Lens Types.

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Thinner lenses  from $85 reduce this thickness and weight. Higher prescriptions need thicker and heavier lenses. Thin lenses give better performance and cosmetics.

Reactive lenses from $120 change when in sunlight, some change quicker and go darker, some even change in the car now!

Tinted lenses from $70 are brilliant for sunglasses and general light sensitivity. Prescription lenses can now be polarized or even mirror coated.

Drivewear from $295 a very specialized lens they are polarized and a reactive transition material, brilliant as sunglasses.

Life-Style Digital from $205 enhanced power lens for those that spend more than 3 hours a day operating at close range.


Lens Coatings.

Anti-scratch, Anti-Glare, Ultra-clean and the new Blue-V.  Special tints are available on request including the brilliant Mirror coatings too.