Progressive Lens Types.

We do 5 different types of progressive that will cover all uses.

1. Basic Progressive. For $110. This is a great entry level progressive lens, it will give good clear vision at distance, intermediate and near, natural smooth graduation between the three zones and with comfortable soft focus distortions at the edges.

2. Premium Progressive. From $170. This is a very high quality entry level free form progressive lens with a field of view wider than the basic design. These offer great visual comfort and performance and are easily adapted to. They can be used in the shallower frames also.

3. Elite Progressive. From $215. These are a brilliant style of progressive available from the ‘free form’ designs. New technology produces a superior lens and allows nearly all the distortions to be pushed to the very edge of the lens. The field of view now 3 times wider than the basic design. They can be used with all frame styles and designs.

4. Occupational Progressive. From $205 These are very popular for people who with computer screens and have specific visual needs. They are designed specifically for near and intermediate use with wide viewing corridors.

5. Life-Style Digital from $205 enhanced power lens for those that spend more than 3 hours a day operating at close range. They can be worn full time and have only a very low additional power for reading incorporated into the lens.