P.D & Heights

Pupillary distance and heights are essential measurements needed for varifcoal glazing .

Each progressive lens will have a very specific ‘optical centre’, this point should be placed directly in front of the centre of each of your pupils. That way, your eyes are looking through the correct point of the lens for your distance vision, the intermediate and near areas follow naturally from there.

We prefer to take this measurement from an existing pair of your progressives. Our Optician has developed a tried and tested method to store and translate this to any other frame.

We don't ask for your p.d measurment when you order because we take all the measurements we need from your existing frames or digital photo.

For New Wearers please email over to us a good quality image of you wearing your glasses. We can scale this to original size and get the measurements we need very accurately. 

If you have ordered progressives with us before we will already have all the measurements we need on file!